Brother Wayne D. White, Founder

Wayne D. White, better known as “Brother Wayne,” was the founder, senior trusted servant, and CEO for Footprints Inc. located at 4501 Troost in Kansas City, Missouri. He started the organization in 2001 and served as director until his passing on February 28, 2012. The name of the organization came from the devotional poem, “Footprints in the Sand.”

His “Life-Change” ministry was inspired by God due to the demand to fortify the Faith, Recovery and Professional communities to fight the war on drugs. He was a Missouri Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with eighteen years of experience.  A Vietnam Veteran, compassion for his fellow veterans led him to establish the Heroes Home Gate, our short-term residence for homeless veterans, in 2009. His “Life Change Station” model was a true recovery community center before the concept became popular.

Brother Wayne was also an active participant in several organizations in the State of Missouri including the Missouri Re-Entry Program, The Caring Solutions Coalition of Kansas City, access site leader for the Alcohol Treatment Recovery Services Network, organizer of several Alcoholics Victorious Christian recovery support group chapters, and the Kansas City Crime Commission. He was also a popular spiritual motivational speaker.

Brother Wayne was a passionate life change agent in the African American community, as well as a pioneer in substance abuse recovery. His dedication and commitment to the healing of people was paramount. He participated in efforts to professionalize the faith-based initiative since its early years. He is a father and grandfather with a host of spiritual friends.

Wayne D. White, founder and CEO of Footprints, earned the 2001, and 2002 Missouri Faith Works Award from Committed Caring Faith Communities for his work with Footprints Inc.  Wayne also received the COMBAT (Jackson County anti-drug tax) award and Who’s Who Award for three years straight for his work in the community.  Under his leadership,  Footprints co-sponsored several conferences with local and state recognized Faith and Social Service agencies. Wayne D. White also served on the board of the National Council On Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies (NCADD).

His passion for the lost and vision for recovery continues to inspire our staff, board and volunteers to be more and do more for the Lord.  We are committed to seeing his vision to reach the addicted and the struggling veteran continue and grow. For this reason, we chose to honor him by naming Kansas City’s first recovery community center after him.