COMBAT Eligibility Requirements

COMBAT funds are used to provide necessary substance abuse treatment services for those individuals who are unable to pay for those services.

Eligibility for COMBAT funds must be documented and maintained in the individual’s treatment file.  To be eligible, an individual must be a resident of Jackson County, Missouri, have an income of no more than 150% of federal poverty guidelines, and have a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder (other than alcoholism).

A) Recommended methods for verification of client eligibility are as follows:

  1. Proof of Jackson County Residency:
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Bill with name and address
  4. Public assistance notification
  5. Unemployment verification
  6. INS documentation/green card
  7. Tax receipt from Jackson County, Missouri

B) Documentation related to income may include:

  1. Check stub
  2. Tax form
  3. Employment verification
  4. INS documentation/green card)
  5. Medicaid /AFDC

C) Primary drug diagnosis or diagnostic impression for problem use of or addiction to an illegal substance (excluding nicotine and alcohol).

  1. Defined in DSM-V
  2. Determined by a Qualified Mental Health Professional, Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, and Supported by Addiction Severity

This diagnosis is part of the intake process for the Footprints Outpatient Treatment Program.